AFCORA Ruff N Tuff Texture

AFCORA Ruff “N” Tuff is a popular and preferred texture coating for exterior coating for the exterior / interior walls. Known for its unique grooved pattern, the product is formulated by using 100% pure acrylic emulsion and the best quality inorganic materials to withstand humidity, rain and variable climates. It is used for decoration and long protection of walls. It is easy to apply. It can be applied on surface like cement plaster, POP Asbestos and thers. It has best protection against Algae, Mold and Fungus. Any color can be applied on it for final finish.

Available Packaging
25 KG. Bag
30 KG. Bag
  • Grooved finish with extreme toughness.
  • Excellent durability & long lasting performance.
  • Excellent resistance to Algae & Fungus growth.
  • Any color can be applied on it as per requirement.

It is highly recommended for freshly plastered surface such as housing societies, apartments, hotels, hospitals, commercial complexes. It is also ideal for reviving old weather beaten surfaces.

Drying Time

Surface dry :- 2-4 hours. Hard dry :- 24 hours Max hardness :- 7days.

Apply using a stainless steel trovel for finishing and texturing a special finishing tool (Stainless steel trovel, special plastic trovel or comb) is required depending upon the feature finish (like circular, horizontal, vertical) Ruff “N” Tuff textures are supplied in ready to use form and should not be thin.